Setting Up Your Own Servers For a Domain

Many people pay web and email hosters to serve their websites and email addresses.   Generally this works well and is not terribly expensive.   On the other hand, if things stop working well, my experience has been that it is hard to get good advice from the people you are paying, which is why I decided to host my own web and email servers.   Even though doing this is challenging and arcane, it can be accomplished, and you can configure your servers as you want them, not necessarily in some default configuration someone else decided upon.   I have organized a number of brief articles to help you get started.   I have gotten the procedures described to work on four Debian-based systems, Trisquel-10.0 and 11.0 and Linux Mint 20 and 21.1.

Intro: Setting up Your Own Servers for a Domain
Intro: Ports
Details: Setting up a Web Server
Details: Setting up Email Servers

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